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UK Toy Fair: First Set of Galleries
Reported by James on 22 Jan 2013 23:55

Here’s our first set of galleries from the UK Toy Fair which started today at Olympia in London.  There’ll be more galleries over the next day or two.

First up we have Amerang who are the UK distributors for Gentle Giant, Kotobukiya and Sideshow Collectibles. 

They had an amazing display of products from all three companies including the Gentle Giant R2-D2 monument from The Clone Wars, Boba Fett Mythos Statue from Gentle Giant and the new ice trays from Kotobukiya.  View gallery here.

Next is Bladez who made a BIG impression in 2012 with the Remote Controlled Inflatable R2-D2 which really was the best thing we saw at Toy Fair last year. 

This year R2 is joined by R5-D4 who will be available in July and hopefully will also be joined by R2-KT later in the year too.  View gallery here.

Cartamundi showed their hand with several new decks of cards available later this year.  The popular Angry Bird Star Wars cards will be available in regular packaging alongside new decks featuring the Weapons of Star Wars, Star Wars Battles, Star Wars Good vs. Evil and a Ralph McQuarrie deck  - this features original artwork and looks amazing.  The Ralph McQuarrie deck was designed by the UK team and they’re very proud of the way this looks.  Some of the UK staff at Cartamundi are worried about the Weapons of Star Wars card deck especially in light of recent events in the US.

Finally, The Clone Wars are also represented with a Happy Families game and also a separate Match game (equivalent to snap).  View gallery here.

Character Options are up next with their popular Angry Bird Star Wars plush line which adds six new characters to the mix later in the year in various sizes from keychains to 16” large plush.  The new characters include R2-D2, C-3PO, Chewbacca, Yoda, Wedge Antilles and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

New from Character Options is DaGeDar Star Wars: -

From a galaxy far, far away… DaGeDar Star Wars will be crash landing at Character Options in 2013 bringing boys the ultimate racing game of speed and skill!

The seriously addictive racing game, DaGeDar has been given the Jedi treatment with Star Wars Dag Racers, Tracks and brand new Decoders launching this Autumn to delight speedsters and Star Wars fans alike.
The 100 Star Wars DaGeDar Dag Racers are not only highly collectable but they have a supercharged ball bearing inner that races down a track at high speeds.  From Jedis to Droids, each Racer is individually numbered with a collector’s code and biography so DaGeDar and Star Wars fans of all ages can create their ultimate dream racing team.

It is, however, with the Star Wars Decoders that this new collection is truly brought to life as they activate a unique Star Wars experience when combined with the DaGeDar sphere.  The R2-D2 Audio Decoder will unlock three classic character phrases, whilst fans will be able to watch some exclusive Star Wars action with the Emperor’s Video Decoder which plays over 100 animations and sound effects when unlocked by the right Dag Racers.  It can even be plugged into the TV to see the amazing videos in full size!

To further the DaGeDar challenge then, new track sets will also be part of this epic new collection.  The only real question is who will win the race?  Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker, not to mention all the other classic characters that will take up the quest!

DaGeDar Star Wars launches in late summer and is available at print points between £6.99 and £29.99. View the Character Options gallery here.

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